ICO60 Dry Ice Storage Isothermal Container

£430.80 inc vat


Capacity: 60 l

Capacity: 50 kg

External dimensions: 460x460x930 mm

Internal dimensions: 320x320x610 mm

Container weight: 25 kg

Container on wheels

Evaporation rate (24h): 8%

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ICO60 insulated dry ice storage container can be used for long-term cooling and storage of food, medicines and dry ice. Especially recommended for the transport of vaccines.

Safe food-grade PE material – non-toxic and harmless, UV resistant and not easy to fade,

Rubber sealing tape – tight cold air blockage in the box,

Rubber buckle and general handle – lightweight, easy-to-carry construction,

Insulated box body and lid made in the rotational molding process – high durability adapted to carry loads and use in difficult conditions, such as long periods of high temperature,

Insulated PU filling material – maintaining temperature change in the insulated container

Wheels – irreplaceable for the transport of bulky goods.